What Sets Us Apart

Specializing in Children Dentistry in New Tampa

Children differ vastly, and so do their needs. Pediatric dentists acquire special, extensive, and additional training to address infants’, children’s, and teens’ diverse and unique needs. The services provided by Dr. Rivera are essential for building a strong and healthy foundation for teeth and overall health.

We love kids and we understand that a dental visit can be scary. Pediatric Dentistry of New Tampa will help alleviate your little one’s fears. We provide exceptional dental care in a comfortable and kid-friendly environment. We’ve treated many children who have never been to the dentist before or have had bad dental experiences. Had problems in the past? Let Pediatric Dentistry of New Tampa help!

Pediatric Dentistry of New Tampa is not only child-friendly but each staff member has obtained training and is passionate about children’s dentistry. This ensures your youngster has a happy, calm, and positive dental experience each time he or she visits.

The key to correct development and maintenance of children’s teeth and mouth is understanding their unique needs. Establishing a dental home for your son or daughter at Pediatric Dentistry of New Tampa is the most effective way to build a healthy foundation for your child’s dental development — one they will carry with them into their adult years and throughout their lives.